How Cavewire helps Brands

Cavewire® has been designed for a global network of brands who want to ensure they reduce administration time and drive sales for their retailers.

We work with premier brands across all industries. From boutique operations to global enterprises, Cavewire has a tailored software solution to help deliver your product information across all of your sales channels.

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Are you a leading brand?

Cavewire is focused on partnering with leading brands from around the world. If you are focused on changing the way we look at retail and are ethically and socially conscious, we want to work with you!

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Data Management System

Data Management System

Account Management System
Payment Terms, Discounts, Direct Customers, Retail Accounts etc.

Product Management System
Product Attributes, Custom Attributes, Product Images, Product Setup, Extras & Inclusions etc.

Logistics & Shipping
Shipping Pricing, Terms, Payments, Discounts, Tax etc.

Product Inventory Management
Universal Product Inventory, In-House & Retail Account Inventory, Dynamic SKU Generation.

Material Inventory Management
Bill of materials reporting

Production Work Flow Management
Stages in Production, Production Staff, External Factories.

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Order Management System

In-House Order System
Order entry, Custom Order Entry, Multi Account Shopping etc.

Account Select
Easy Account Upload, Customer Database, Multi Account Ordering etc.

Multiple Catalog Functionality
Allow your retail accounts to shop from multiple brands and product catalogs.

Real Time Inventory
Staff & Retail Accounts can shop real time inventory across multiple locations and devices.

Payment Gateway
Secure Merchant Payments, Credit Card Functionality etc.

Wholesale Ordering Dashboard
Retail Accounts can enter orders externally, auto generated order forms linked directly with production.

Simple Product Ordering
Retail accounts can order simple products

In Store Ordering Dashboard
The ability to take orders in store.

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Order Management System
Production Manufacturing System

Production Manufacturing System

Workflow Management
Control stages in production, move orders through, set priority etc.

Automated Order Form Generation
Generate PDF order forms externally.

Smart Phone Application & Scanning Functionality
Push orders through workflow stages using application.

Production Line Reporting
Filter and view stages in production, multi user access for reps and management.

Piece Work Reporting & Management
Staff member logins, allow them to log their work. Report generation and accounting connect.

Production Line Control
Allocate orders in production to accounts, move stock and control production line.

Order Time Line
Real time view of order status etc

Piece Work Allocation & Reporting
Insights into production time, quality and handling.

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E-Commerce / Online Store

Online Store (mobile, tablet desktop)
Online store developed to sell products both custom and in stock.

In Stock Products
Automate in-stock products to be sold online.

Online Custom Surfboard Ordering*
Custom board interface, allowing customers to design and order customs.

Board Engine*
Patented volume calculator used to gather user data and generate recommendations.

Review system
User reviews help refine products and support new customers when ordering products online.

Payment Gateway
Secure online payments (Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc)

Keep users up to date with news, product releases, video, imagery etc

Reporting & Analytics
Website traffic, User Behavior, Cross Device Data, Real Time Reporting etc

*Surf industry features

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ecommerce online store
accounting connection

Accounting Connect

Automate Invoice Entry
Automatically send invoices to reduce manual data entry and administration.

Track Payments
Multi channel payment tracking, record payments from online, offline and multi devices (mobile, desktop, tablet)

Financial Reporting
Get real time data of your business performance.

Centralized Invoicing
Cavewire® helps you manage administrative tasks like bookkeeping, emailing & data entry.

Retail Account Connect
Manage account information, payment terms and customer discounts.

Invoice Batching
Batch and dispatch relevant invoices in-line with your orders finished in production.

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