Integrated software solutions

Optimized data flow to help you streamline your business.

Cavewire® has been designed to be integrate with your existing software stack. Whether you use one module or the entire suite of products, our integrations team will help streamline your business for growth.

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Ecommerce Integration

Cavewire's centralized system for storing Product Information, Digital Assets and Product Pricing allows you to integrate with your ecommerce partner of choice.

Seamless data flow allows you to connect and unlock your product information and push it directly into your website.

Our cloud-based platform offers your ecommerce site direct connection to your product assets at super-fast speeds.

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Point of Sale

Your POS needs to connect with the latest, most up to date product information available. Instead of spending hours uploading and re-uploading the same product data, Cavewire can integrate seamlessly with your point of sale system in order to reduce repetitive business processes.

Using cloud based technology and modern API connections, your product information will now be unlocked so you can easily sell instore through your POS system never missing a sale!

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Cavewire Features

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Production Management

Customer Management (CRM)

Accounting Connect

Inventory Control

Smartphone Scanning

Reporting and Analytics