What Industries can Cavewire help?

Cavewire® has been working with early adopters across a range of industries who share our vision for seamless, transparent and ethical commerce.

We currently work with our industry partners, focused on providing a solution that can help businesses grow across a wide range of industries.

To find out how Cavewire is helping your industry, get us today.

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Are you in the surf industry?

The Cavewire team has a strong passion for surfing and the surf community. Working closely with the surf industry has allowed Cavewire to understand a broad range of issues relating to local and overseas manufacturing.

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We work with the leading surf brands around the world. Working with multi-national surf brands, state of the art glass shops, new tech blank cutting robots and leading surf retailers, Cavewire is the premier software for the Surf Industry.

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The cosmetics industry is growing to a projected US $800B global value by 2023. Cavewire is working with large brands and distributors to help manage the endless aisle of products available to both retailers and consumers directly.

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Working with brands to project trends and plan seasonal range releases, Cavewire is looking to help forecast purchase orders to match supply with demand and build the circular economy to reduce waste in the clothing industry.

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Cavewire recognises the need for manufacturing in a modern world. Gaining insights into production times, ethical manufacturing and tracking sustainable practices are some of the ways Cavewire is helping transform the industry.

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There is no doubt retail is undergoing a transformative period. With highly informed customers wanting products more quickly than ever before, Cavewire is looking to give brands, retailers and customers a seamless shopping experience.

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In an industry that boasts a proud tradition of innovation, the future of logistics includes a mix of transparency and speed. Integrating with modern and established companies, Cavewire is helping solve problems in last-mile logistics.

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Are you a leading brand?

Cavewire is focused on partnering with leading brands from around the world. If you are focused on changing the way we look at retail and are ethically and socially conscious, we want to work with you!

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